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Shimmery Athletic Skirts from Team Sparkle


Do you want to find the perfect way to upgrade your athletic wear? Consider trying one of the gorgeous athletic skirts from Sparkle Athletic. These sequin-studded, lightweight skirts are designed with you in mind. Why settle for function over form when you can have both?

Sparkle Athletic's unique fabric is a fantastic balance of fabulous glitter and lightweight practicality. Wear these skirts with your favorite pair of shorts or leggings, and you're ready to go. The elastic waist is wide, stretchy, and made to fit snugly on the hips with a no-slip grip. The sequins sit beautifully on an elegant, semitransparent polyester that provides both coverage and color for your outfit.

To get the perfect skirt size, use your hip measurement, and compare it with the chart on our site. While these skirts are made to fit a wide variety of waist and hip sizes, they sit best 2 to 3 inches below the natural waist.

How can you benefit from a quality running skirt?


  • Coverage. Whether you want to be a little warmer during your runs or you want to find fun ways to add coverage to your look, a running skirt accomplishes both of these without weighing you down or slipping during your exercise routine.

  • Mix and match. Did you know we have apparel that matches our running skirts? This includes sparkles sleeves, visors, running capes, socks, power wristbands, and much more. If you want to pack your wardrobe with sparkly items, we can help.

  • Fun. Let's face it: having a running skirt that is filled with sequins and sparkles in the sun is just plain fun. Our clothes are designed to brighten up any exercise ensemble.

Ready to upgrade your wardrobe with some vibrant and colorful athletic skirts? Sparkle Athletic is more than happy to assist. For more information about our athletic wear, or to find out more about our costume guides and group deals, you can contact us online today.