Some Important Tips To Clear Your Car

Most people who own cars look after them like they would look after their children. For some people, their cars are everything to them and they are only comfortable when their car is looking squeaky clean. As the season when cars are more likely approaches, it is only normal that car owners seek out solutions to keep their cars clean.

Most people will be happy to look for Hand Car Wash Gold Coast service to come over and do the cleaning. However, we talked to some expert car detailers and they gave us some tips that you can use at home to keep your car looking is best. Obviously, there will be times when the use of a professional and experienced Car Wash Gold Coast specialist cannot be ignored but for those times when all you need is to remove a little dirt here and there, here are some tips from the experts.


Use the car compressor to blow dirt out

Some dirt is found right within the inner parts of the cars. These are those parts that cannot be easily accessed by a car owner at home. A great tip that was left by the experts of Car Detailing Brisbane is for the car owner to fire the compressor. This will blow out any dirt that had accumulated inside into the carpet. The carpet, which will be covered with dirt, will be easier to clean using a vacuum cleaner. A stiff brush can also be used to clean the carpet.

Use a portable compressor to clean the air conditioner

One place where dirt accumulates easily in the car is the air conditioner. The ductworks are often lined with dirt that has accumulated from extended use. If left unclean, the air within the car can be easily polluted. Using a portable compressor you can easily blow this dirt out.

Clean tires with non acid detergent

Although you may have learnt that the professional car detailers use acid based detergents to clean the tires of cars, when you have to do it at home, use non acid detergent. Since it will not be easy to remove the acid completely from the tires at home, it can cause the alloy in the wheel to oxidize. It is also important that you learn to clean in the right order. The tires and wheels should all be cleaned before you start applying anything to protect the paint in the car. If you want to get best results then it is suggested you to think about the services of Self Car Wash Brisbane.

Use the right detergent

It is important to use the right detergent to wash the car. Most people use dishwashing liquid to wash he car but this may strip the protective strip that is supposed to cover the car’s paint. It is better to use a car wash solution from Self Wash Brisbane which is able to wash the car clean and protect it at the same time.