Our District’s Reclassification Criteria:
• The student must be enrolled in grades 3–12
• Overall CELDT score: Early Advanced (level 4) or Advanced (level 5)
                 – No more than one sub-skill below Intermediate (level 3) without additional factors
• CST English Language Arts: Minimum Scale Score 325
• CST Mathematics: Minimum Scale Score 300
• Report Card:
                – Grades 3–12 “C” or above in each of the following areas:
                – English/ Language Arts (ELA)
                – English Language Development (ELD)
• Teacher recommendation
• Parent consultation
• The following additional factors may also be considered in determining a students’ eligibility for reclassification
                – District Language Arts multiple choice assessments: 70% or better
                – District Writing Assessments: Proficient or Advanced
                – Most Current Writing Assessment (i.e. CST or District benchmark assessments)
                – CAHSEE: Language Arts Passing Score (350 or better)
                – Math course and grade
                – Math Benchmarks: 70% or better
When a scholar appears to meet the qualifications, the ELD Site Monitor, Mrs. West, will complete a Reclassification Candidate form and arrange a meeting with the parent(s) to review.  The paperwork will be forwarded to the district office where it will be reviewed and a determination will be made. Parent(s) will be notified of the results.