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Originally, from the Hazleton area, Mrs. Roeder moved to the Lehigh Valley in 1993.   After a successful 12 year business management career, she began the pursuit of teaching credentials in order to have her work more closely align with her personal beliefs and goals.  She began teaching in the district in 2004 and continues to proudly serve the Quakertown Community School District as an English teacher in the High School cyber and for Bridges Regional cyber school. 


Mrs. Roeder's hobbies include reading, needlecraft, singing and motorcycle riding.  She lives in Allentown (Western Salisbury) with her wonderful husband- Michael, two beautiful daughters- Sara and Emily, two tuxedo cats- Joey and Sebastian and her loveable Pekingese- Rudy.   Nicole has sung with the Bach Choir of Bethlehem, the Camerata Singers and performed with STM Summer Theater Magic.

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(215) 529-2116