Instructional Materials


Speech Transcripts

·         John F. Kennedy’s Inaugrual Speech

·         Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream”  Speech

·         Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

·         President Obama Victory Acceptance  Speech

·         Nixon Checker’s Speech


·         Speech Observation Sheet

·         Pledge Feedback Form

·         Copies of  Rhetorical Device and Syntax Speech Evaluation Sheet

·         Handouts on Passive Vs. Active Voice

·         Speech Evaluation Sheets

Video Resources

·         Ron Paul’s “What If” Speech

·         President Obama “Pledge of Allegience”,

·         Dwayne Johnson “Pledge of Allegiance” watch?v=PPNZsNJAH1s

·         Senator Giffrords “Pledge of Alligience” watch?v=S5kSuOA2qR0

·         President John F. Kennedy Inaugural Speech found at watch?v=BLmiOEk59n8

·         President Obama’s Acceptance Speech for the Presidential Nomination. watch?v=jJfGx4G8tjo.

·         President Nixon’s “Checker Speech.” watch?v=lsYjl5oMs6M&feature=fvsr

Technology Resources

·         Edmoto interactive web page prepared by teacher.

·         Google Apps with forms set up for collecting student responses.

·         Prepared word cloud using MLK’s “I have a dream” 

·         Computers with access to Internet and Microsoft Power Point Insalled

·         Document Camera

·         Multimedia Projector

Physical Resources

·         Paper

·         Pencils

·         Notebook paper

·         Colored pencils

·         Flip Chart Paper

·         Broad Tip Markers