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Lesson One


Lesson 1: Elements of Effective Public Speaking

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students will develop a list of essential traits for effective public speakers including verbal and nonverbal elements. 

Resources or Materials Needed:

·         Prepared Google Apps Form

·         Computers with Internet Access

·         Speech Observation Sheet

Lesson Objective:

Students will discuss and develop a working list of essential traits for effective public speaking.  Students will recall with accuracy three essential traits.

Time: One hour


Pre-instructional Strategies

·         Students will star the class by signing on their computers and accessing a form in Google Apps.  The form will include the following questions:

a.       What things happen to make a speech interesting? 

b.      What physical and verbal elements must be present? 

c.       What information must be included? 

·         Possible responses include: facts, data, strong voice, posture.

·         Once the students have each responded, the teacher will create a chart from the raw data.

Content Presentation:

·         The teacher will comment on the traits that come up on the list and ask students to discuss the chart created. 

·         Additional characteristics will be presented by the teacher as needed. 

·         The chart will be displayed in the classroom for the remainder of the unit.

Learner Participation:

·         Students will watch a clip from Ron Paul’s “What If” speech and identify traits listed in the flip charts.  This video can be found at  Students will use the Speech Observation Sheet A in Appendix A.  This will be handed in at the end of class.

·         For homework students will write down the words to the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  They will consider the words and meaning. 


·         Assess students’ responses to the Speech Observation Sheet.

Follow-through Activities:

·         Students will view newscasts and public speeches to assess their effectiveness. Students will be directed to the American Rhetoric webpage which has an extensive database of available text, audio and video files of notable public speeches by and pertaining to America.

·         For homework students will write down the words to the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  They will consider the words and meaning.   They will also consider how to use the traits discussed for an effective delivery. 

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