Lesson Seven


Lesson 7:  Analyzing Speech- Assessment

Lesson Overview:  Students will put together the lessons to evaluate a speech for the reviewed aspects of good public speaking and speeches. 

Resources or Materials Needed:

·         Copies of the transcript of the Nixon Checker’s Speech

·         Computer with Internet Access

·         Multimedia Projector

·         Speech Evaluation Sheets

·         Colored Pencils

Lesson Objective: Given a video of a publically delivered speech students will identify with 100% accuracy effective verbal and non-verbal traits demonstrated by the speaker.

Given a transcript of a publically delivered speech students will with 100% accuracy identify rhetorical devices, syntax techniques, and rhetorical appeals in the speech.


Time: One hour


Pre-instructional Strategies

·         Students will review the concepts discussed in the unit that define good public speaking and analyze speech text for quality content and strategy. 

·         The teacher will distribute the speech evaluation guide.


Content Presentation:

·         The teacher will review the speech evaluation guide and refresh students on the concepts discussed.  

·         The teacher will distribute copies of the transcript from President Nixon’s “Checker Speech.” 

·         The teacher will  post a link to the video of Richard Nixon reciting the speech known as the “Checker’s Speech.” 


Learner Participation:

·         Students will use the speech evaluation guide to mark the text and take notes on the effectiveness of the speech.

·         Students will discuss their ratings in a small group. 



·         Assess students’ work as they evaluate and discuss their analysis.

Follow-through Activities:

·         Students will continue to use these skills throughout the curriculum in evaluating media.