Lesson Six


Lesson 6:  Analyzing Speech

Lesson Overview:  Students will put together the lessons to evaluate a speech for the reviewed aspects of good public speaking and speeches. 

Resources or Materials Needed:

·         President Obama Victory Acceptance  Speech

·         Computer with Internet Access

·         Multimedia Projector

·         Speech Evaluation Sheets

·         Colored Pencils

Lesson Objective: Given a video of a publically delivered speech students will identify with 100% accuracy effective verbal and non-verbal traits demonstrated by the speaker.

Given a transcript of a publically delivered speech students will with 100% accuracy identify rhetorical devices, syntax techniques, and rhetorical appeals in the speech.

Time: One hour


Pre-instructional Strategies

·         The teacher will project his computer screen to demonstrate how to use Wordle to create a word cloud using a miscellaneous text.

·         Students will constrict their own word cloud.  The text of President Obama’s Victory Speech will be linked to the class Edmoto page.  Using this text they will use the online Wordle tool and make their own unique word cloud using the speech.

·         Students will review the concepts discussed in the unit that define good public speaking and analyze speech text for quality content and strategy. 

·         The teacher will distribute the speech evaluation guide.


Content Presentation:

·         The teacher will review the speech evaluation guide and refresh students on the concepts discussed.  

·         The teacher will distribute copies of the transcript from President Obama’s Acceptance Speech for the Presidential Nomination. 

·         The teacher will project a video of the speech delivery found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJfGx4G8tjo.


Learner Participation:

·         Students will use the speech evaluation guide to mark the text and take notes on the effectiveness of the speech.

·         Students will discuss their ratings in a small group. 



·         Assess students’ work as they evaluate and discuss their analysis.

Follow-through Activities:

·         For home work students will review any notes on the concepts discussed in the unit and study the speech evaluation guide.