Lesson Three


Lesson 3: Analyze Written Copies of a Speech and Delivery 

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students will analyze the text of a speech for organization and purpose.   

Resources or Materials Needed:

·         Document Camera

·         Copies of John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech

·         Computer with Internet Access and Microsoft Power Point available

·         Multimedia Projector

·         Pencil

Lesson Objective:

Given a video of a speech, delivery students will identify elements that make the delivery effective and compelling with 100% accuracy.

Given a transcript of a publically delivered speech, students will identify purpose and organization with 90% accuracy. 

Time: One hour


Pre-instructional Strategies

·         Students will view a video of President John F. Kennedy delivering his Inaugural Speech found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLmiOEk59n8 with the purpose of identifying traits of good public speaking.

·          Ask students: Referring back to our posted chart of the traits of an effective public speaker, watch this video and take notes to answer the question, what traits does the speaker display that makes him a good public speaker?    

·         Possible responses include:  posture, hand gestures inflection, pausing, etc   

·         The teacher will offer suggestions as the video plays.  

Content Presentation:

·         The teacher will distribute copies of the transcript of President Kennedy’s speech.

·         The teacher will project a copy of the speech using the document camera.  Using the first page, the teacher will model how to chunk the text for purpose.  This strategy was previously discussed so this serves as a review.   

·         Students will be given about 10 minutes to go through and chunk the remainder of the text.  For each chunk students will mark the purpose in the margin notes.

·         The teacher will call students up to the document camera so they can mark the enxt chunk of text.  A new student will be chosen for each chunk until the whole text is marked for purpose.

·         The teacher will then ask students to consider the overall organization structure. 

·         To further emphasize the importance of text structure and intentional organization, students will use power point to make a slide show.  Pictures will be added to the student’s chosen chunk of text to add emphasis and enhance how gestures and non verbals affect the viewer.  Students will add an audio file of the chunk that corresponds to the written text.

Learner Participation:

·         Students will identify purpose by noting in the margins and chunking the text. 

·         Students will determine the organizational structure by discussing the structure of the given speech.


·         Assess students’ responses for understanding.   Assess student generated Power oint slide shows for understanding of emphasis and text structure.

Follow-through Activities:

·         Students will analyze speech content for purpose and organization. 

·         For home work students will find an editorial using the website for the Morning Call, a local newspaper, and mark it for chunk and purpose.  They will also note the overall organizational structure.