Informational Links & Resources



Informational Links and Resources:

Down Syndrome: NADS
Fragile X Syndrome: NFXF
Autism: NINDS
Central Auditory Processing Disorder: ASHA
Speech Development Chart: Talking Child
Animated Speech Sounds: The Sound of Spoken Language
American Sign Language Dictionary: ASL Pro
Speech/Language Activities & Strategies: icommunicate
Online Streaming Video Books: Storyline Online
Phonics for Reading: Starfall
Activities to Encourage Development: ASHA
What is Language?  What is Speech?: ASHA
Emergent Literacy: ASHA
Printable Activities: Speaking of Speech
Reading: Reading Rockets
Therapy Materials: Adaptable Materials 
Speech Freebies: Links Index 
Speech/Language Information: ASHA
Process of Articulation Therapy: Mommy Speech Therapy
Articulation Worksheets: Mommy Speech Therapy
Language Development Using Mobile Technologies: Mommy Speech Therapy
Correcting the /r/ sound: Mommy Speech Therapy
Encouraging Communication: Mommy Speech Therapy
Toys, Books & Games to Promote Language Development: Mommy Speech Therapy
May is Better Hearing & Speech Month: Mommy Speech Therapy