Ms. Eller's Class

Shalom and welcome to Ms. Eller's website! Just to make sure you're in the right place, let me introduce myself. I am Ms. Eller, one of the 3rd and 4th grade Hebrew teachers at North Shore Synagogue of Syosset, NY. I am thrilled to be teaching your children this year and cannot wait to get started!

I've created this website for a few reasons. I've found in the past that homework assignments sometimes has a way of getting lost in transit from school to home. Or, in the case of illnesses or other absences, the student doesn't know what they have for homework because they were out the day it was assigned. I will be posting the homework for each day here in the Homework section, so we can avoid issues from this. Also, if your child is out for an extended period of time, please email me and I would be happy to give you the classwork they missed as well, so the transition back to school will be easier.

If the homework does not come from the book, I will upload it here as well. If there is homework listed that has not been assigned yet, and your child wants to get a head start, go for it! I love when students get excited about learning! If what I've posted isn't enough, email me and I'll find more.

Additionally, if there are any notices about school that you as parents should be aware of, I will post it here.

I hope you find this resource to be helpful in and out of class. I will be updating it with additional information whenever I can to offer the opportunity for even more learning for you and your children.

Please feel free and welcome to email me with any questions! Welcome again, and enjoy!

B'shalom V'ahava (that means with Peace and Love!),

Ms. Eller