The Task

Hi, I'm Zero.  Even though I know I'm not nothin' now, people still call me by my old nickname.  That's okay.  Anyway, you will be working with one other person on this WebQuest.  Make sure you can depend on each other, like Stanley and I did on God's Thumb.  Stanley said earlier you would be taking some of the themes and lessons in the book and using our brain to expand them.  So here they are:

  • Homelessness- find out about this problem in your area and compile a portfolio.
  • Racism- find out about your fellow students' attitudes by creating a survey administering it, and reporting the results.
  • Juvenile Corrections- explore this issue and write a letter to a government official suggesting changes or improvements.
Okay, to get ready to learn about this stuff, I'm giving you an extra supply of our new and improved sploosh (Stanley and I perfected the recipe.  Don't worry, it doesn't make you sick)!  Make sure you depend on your partner, and learn as much as you can!