Process 2

Hole #2: Racism- find out about your fellow students' attitudes by creating a survey administering it, and reporting the results.

1.  Partner 2 will "drive" the computer for this task.  Partner 1 will record what is found on paper.

2.  Go here and here for some background information on racism.  Write down what you think is most important.

3.  Go here for information on designing a survey.

4.  Create your survey.  It can be typed or neatly printed.  It must have at least ten questions.  When you are done, give it to your teacher for approval and photocopying.  Distribute the survey to ten people at school (teachers or kids).

5.  Compile the results of your survey.  You can print or neatly type the results or use a spreadsheet program.  The best way to do this is to analyze each question separately.  For example, you can say "8 out of 10 said that racism is a problem on campus, which is 80%."

6.  Put the results of your survey and all ten copies distributed in a folder and turn in to your teacher.

Oh boy!  These holes are makin' me tired, and I'm not even doing the work!  But you have to finish, just like we did at Camp Green Lake.  You don't want Mr. Sir or Mom getting mad at you!  Get to digging!