Process 3

Hole #3: Juvenile Corrections- explore this issue and write a letter to a government official suggesting changes or improvements.

1.  Partner 1 will "drive" the computer for this task.  Partner 2 will record what is found on paper.

2.  Go here for information on juvenile corrections.  Write down what you think are the most important facts.

3.  Go here for information on juvenile corrections in Arizona.  To find information for another state, use a search engine such as Google and type in the keywords "(state) juvenile corrections." Write down what you think is the most important.

4.  Go here for information on your state government officials.  Use your zip code to find your representative.  Write down the name and address of your representative.  If you want to write to more than one official, you may.

5.  Brainstorm any changes or improvements you would make to your area's juvenile corrections system.  Write them down in a list.

5.  Compose your letter.  Make sure you include at least two facts you have learned about juvenile corrections and at least one proposed change.  Follow this example for composing your letter.  Type or print your letter neatly.  Include your address.  Address an envelope to the government official.

6.  Give the letter in the envelope (unsealed) to your teacher for approval.  Your teacher will mail the letter.