Best Articles of Confederation to Constitution Outline

I. Currency Issues          The United States did not have a_______________________.          Americans carried money from the _____________government, _____________government, and foreign nations.          Merchants stopped accepting money from outside of their own state, causing a lot of money to become_______________. This caused an increase in__________________. II. Debt          Congress could not _________________________and depended on money from the states.          Therefore, the U.S. was unable to________________________!          Examples:          - The U.S. owed money to France, Holland, and Spain for loans made during the Revolutionary War.          - The U.S. had not paid many of their own soldiers!III. ________________________________________________The U.S. lacked the military power to defend itself against___________________________.          States acted as individual countries and seldom agreed.          Example:   - Connecticut and Virginia almost went to war over land claims!IV.  Branches of GovernmentA.   Courts (Judicial Branch)          The nation lacked a_____________________________.          The nation did not have a____________________________________________.B.   Congress (Legislative Branch)Congress had one house.  __________________Laws were difficult to pass, needing the approval of nine states.          Congress was responsible to the states,__________________________.           Congress had no power to collect taxes, regulate trade, _______________, or establish a_____________________.Introduction to the U.S. Constitution       Written in _____________________________       Original intent was to revise the Articles        James Madison was the “Father” of the _________________________       39 men signed it in 1787       Objective: To examine the importance of the Great Compromise and 3/5 Compromise.V.  Options       ___________________PlanIt called for a bicameral legislature, in which the number of representatives in each house would depend on the population of the state.__________________________Plan- It called for a unicameral legislature, in which every state received one vote.Both plans called for a strong national government with 3 branchesGreat Compromise It provided for a bicameral Congress.A.______________________________– each state is represented according to its population (satisfied the VA Plan)B. Senate – each state has 2 Senators (satisfied the NJ Plan)* Both houses of Congress must pass every law.Constitutional Convention
(Philadelphia, 1787)
George Washington was elected president of the Convention______________________________• In order to determine the population of a state, only 3 out of every 5 slaves would be counted. VI.  Principles of the ConstitutionA.    ________________________SovereigntyThe people hold the ultimate authority A representative democracy lets the people elect leaders to make decisions for them.Limited GovernmentFramers wanted to guard against tyrannyB.     Limited GovernmentGovernment is limited to the power given them in the Constitution.The Constitution tells how leaders who overstep their power ______________________C.    ______________________________The division of power between State and National GovernmentsSome powers are sharedThe National Government has the “supreme power”D.   ___________________________of PowersNo one holds “too much” powerLegislative branch makes the lawsExecutive branch carries out the lawsLegislative branch interprets the lawsE.     Legislative BranchSenate and House of RepresentativesMake our laws______________________________Regulate ImmigrationEstablish Post Offices and RoadsRegulate Interstate Commerce and Transportation______________________________F.    Executive BranchThe President of the United States______________________________Chief of State______________________________Commander in ChiefG.    _____________BranchSupreme Court and other Federal CourtsPreserve and protect the rights ________________________________Considers cases involving national lawsDeclares laws and acts __________________________H.    _________________________________Prevents the abuse of power in governmentEach branch can check each other branch