On May10-11, Anthony was given the following assessments to gauge his current reading level:

Basic Phonics Skills Test III

Qualitative Reading Inventory - 5

 Basic Phonics Skills Test III

Anthony was given the pre-primer, primer, and first grade word lists. These 100 word lists cover Kindergarten and first  grade reading levels. The words were presented to him on a piece of paper while using an index card to highlight each word. He was asked to read each word down the line. 

Anthony breezed through each of the lists. He correctly identified 81out of 91 words on each list. He missed the following words: rested, passes, licked, lawn, silent, cactus, distrust, potato, electric, and frequently.  He self-corrected himself on all the words except lawn, potato, distrust, and frequently. 

 Once the assessment began and Anthony became immediately comfortable. He was going through the words at an average speed.

QRI - 5

Each QRI -  Anthony was presented with the corresponding lists for pre-primer, primer, and first grade reading level. The words were presented to him in story form.   As he read each word, it was noted by the administrator whether the word was "Automatically Identified", "Identified", "Identified Incorrectly", or "Not Identified".  A count is kept for each category and the totals are applied to a chart that determines whether a student reads at an Independent, Instructional, or Frustration level for the grade. Anthony Identified Automatically all the words on  the pre-primer lists. When he read the stories on the Pre-Primer 3 level, he had 7 miscues, but he did self-correct himself. When he read the stories on the Primer level, he had 27 miscues. When he read the stories on Level 1, he had 15 miscues. Still, despite the miscues, he did self-correct himself on all of the then, but 6 words. 

Based on these results, Anthony can read independently at a primer level and Instructionally at a 1st grade level.