Student Profile - Anthony Smith

 Anthony Smith is a first grader at Barrett Ranch Elementary School. He lives in a home near the school with his mom and his older brother. Anthony has been at Barrett Ranch Elementary since Kindergarten and entered the first grade with a solid background of achievement in all academic areas. He consistently achieved at  grade level. 

 A preliminary assessment (BPST III) performed at the beginning of the school year showed that Anthony reads solidly at grade level. Other assessments will be done as the year progresses to chart the progress he is making in the class.

 Anthony is a very active and sensitive child. He has a great interest in sports and plays both basketball and tetherball.  

 Anthony is socially well-rounded and gets along well with all of his classmates. He is well-liked partially because of his empathy.  He is also extremely personable. He does not confine himself to a small group of friends, as he seems to enjoy being around and playing with most of the kids in his class. He is well-behaved in class and is rarely disruptive. He is always eager to answer questions during classroom discussions and is very good at staying on task. Overall,  he is an enjoyable student and a big asset to the class.