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Spanish II Spanish Booklet

Spanish II  Booklet

Quarter Project


Please note date change.  Project has been moved from 03/15 to 03/22 so that all can come out to support PRODIGAL.

Due:  03/22/12



Write and illustrate a small booklet as follows:


  1. Fill the first five pages with tales and illustrations of what you used to do as a child.  Use phrases from chapter 7 with the IMPERFECT tense. 

Example:  When I was little, I used to ride a horse.

De nino, yo montaba a caballo.

  1. In the next five pages, describe and illustrate those same activities as if they had done last week.  Use the PRETERITE tense. 

Example:  Last week, I rode a horse.

La semana pasada, yo monte a caballo.

  1. Finish the last five pages telling how the same activities will be done when you’re older.  Use IR + A + INFINITIVE verb construction to indicate the future.  Example: 

When I am 20, I will ride a horse.

A los 20 anos, yo voy a montar a caballo.



Be creative.  You may use your own drawings or pictures.  This project will count as a test grade towards the last quarter.



Creativity:                     25 points

            Story line


Neatness:                                 10 points

Grammar:                                 40 points

            Correct verb conjugation

            Correct verb tenses (proper use of all three tenses)

            Correct verb form (subject and verb agreement)

            Correct verb (student chose correct verb for the activity depicted)

Effort:                                       10 points

Followed Directions:                 15 points

            Used five pages per tense

            Used all three tenses in the correct order

            Illustrated/included pictures

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