Las Clases de Espanol


Can you believe the school year is ALMOST over?  So excited about the talents the Lord is developing in each one of you!

Reminder:  There will be a PSP meeting on Tuesday, May 15 at 7:30pm in the cafe.  Parents are encouraged to come and hear about what is going on in the school, and for end of year PSP wrap up.  Come and celebrate with us what the Lord has done.  Each student whose parents attend receive a dress down day coupon. 


Extra Help Day:  Tuesdays 3-4.  If you are unable to make it on Tuesdays, please let me know and we can arrange another day.


Reminder:  Current Events articles are due the first Friday of EVERY month.  Write up must include:

-  a current news article regarding a Spanish-speaking country (no murders or killings); the article must be current - having occurred within the last 2-4 weeks

-  a well-written paragraph summarizing the article

-  a well-written paragraph giving your thoughts and ideas on the article; how does it affect the US? could it happen here in the US? why is it news?

-  a works cited page in proper MLA format

The article counts as a homework grade.  Each of the items above counts as 1 out of 4 possible earned points.

*** If for any reason, your printer runs out of ink, you may email the article, write up and works cited page prior to our normally scheduled class time.  Late articles will not be accepted.  Mrs. Shanhai's email: