Ages and Stages


Physical Development - They ride a tricycle. They catch a ball. They stand on one foot. They build towers of 6-9 blocks. They walk on tip toes. They jump horizontally. They handle small objects such as puzzles, and pegboards. They smear or daub paint. They draw or paint in circular and horizontal motions. They grow about 3 inches taller in a year.

Social and Emotional Development - They need to know clear and consistent rules and what the consequences for breaking them are. They enjoy dramatic play with other children. Their emotions are usually extreme and short-lived. They need to be encouraged to express their feelings with words. They begin to learn to share.

Intellectual Development - Preschool children learn best by doing. They need a variety of activities. They need indoor and outdoor space. They need a balance between active and quiet play. They can communicate their needs, ideas, and questions. Their attention span is a little longer so they can participate in group activities.