Miss Grim's Kindergarten Class

Welcome to Kindergarten!Dear parents,It is with great honor and excitement that I welcome you and your little one to Kindergarten for the 2009-2010 school year. I am eagerly looking forward to working together with you to make your child’s year in Kindergarten a wonderful one. Your child’s day will consist of numerous hands-on activities and experiences with language through conversations, and beginning reading and writing skills. In Kindergarten, the possibilities for your child to learn and explore are endless!Your support is an essential part of your child’s achievement. Your reinforcement at home will help make this year successful. Here are a few important facts that can assist you in contributing to your child’s classroom experience.1.        Please feel free to contact me when you have any questions or concerns. Open communication between home and school will help to ensure your child’s success. You may easily reach me by email, which I check in the morning, throughout the day, and again before I leave school. It would be very helpful if you would send me an email so that I may add you to my address list to ensure easy communication and to keep you updated on your child’s progress. My email address is srk1219@ymail.com I also will soon be creating a classroom webpage, which will keep you updated on classroom events and provide websites and ways you can practice important skills with your child at home. You also may send me a note in your child’s daily folder to arrange a phone conversation or meeting.  2.       On the first day of school, your child will be given a name tag. It will have their name and how they go home on the tag. Please see that he or she wears it every day to and from school throughout the month of September.  3.       Before leaving the classroom today, please consider signing up to be a classroom parent partner. There are several opportunities open to you, such as working with a small group at Table Time on Wednesdays from 10:00-11:15, assisting Mr. Suchma with Art class every other Thursday from 9:50-10:30, working in the gym with Motor Skills every Friday from 8:45-9:20 or coordinating and helping during a classroom party throughout the year. Homeroom Parents are also needed to help oversee the scheduling of these activities.  4.      In your child’s folder, you will be given a monthly classroom calendar that notes special activities and important dates to remember throughout that month.  Please review it with your child so they can begin to plan clothes to wear to celebrate our color days this month. On future calendars, the volunteers for the above parent partner activities as well as who is responsible for snack will be listed.  5.       Your child will receive a snack and water each morning. I am asking that each parent provide 18 individually wrapped snacks for each student on a rotating schedule. You will have the opportunity to sign up for the two weeks of your choice and may want to consider selecting your child’s birthday week. Also, if your child as any food allergies, please let me know as soon as possible and this information can be passed along to the other parents or we can make other arrangements.  6.       On the first day of school, your child will be ready for class and able to participate completely if he or she has the following supplies to be brought to school: a.       an average sized bookbag or backpack (nothing with wheels)b.      a child-sized beach towel for rest timec.       a lunchbox or bag with their name written on the outsided.      t-shirt for paintinge.       small, quiet items such as pictures, a notebook, toys, cards, counting items (pennies), etc. to be placed in the provided “learning box” to be used during rest timef.        eight dollars to cover the cost of the “learning box”, zipper pouch, folder and two notebooks  that will be used for journaling and kid writingg.       2 boxes of tissues, disposable cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer will also be essential to keep our classroom as germ-free as possible! 7.       All items that are brought to school should have your child’s name written on them. Although I will have a “Lost and Found”, it would be helpful if gloves, hats and other small items were labeled.  8.       The Kindergarten Paperwork Checklist will help you to coordinate the many items that need to be completed and returned to school. You will also see that I’ve placed a Kindergarten Information Sheet in your child’s folder which will help me learn more about your child.  Thank you for your cooperation in promptly getting things completed and turned in!I am confident this will be a terrific year! I am so excited that your child will be a part of my very first class! I will do my very best every day to be your child's guide in learning and exploring
this bright, new world they've just stepped into. Together I know we will make your child’s year at St. Catherine Laboure a memorable experience!