What we have been doing

     When the time comes to practice our spelling or vocabulary words we always "do the word". To "do the word" the children need to stand up beside their desk and participate in the activity that the teacher or the student chooses.

The process: 

  1. Choose a word.
  2. Choose a way to do the word i.e. crab walk, jump, act like a T-Rex, paddle a canoe etc.
  3. "do the word".
  4. As the children and the teacher spell the word the children and the teacher participate in the movement.

  5. To do the T-Rex the children stick out their bottoms and pull their arms in tight to their body with claws and the say  j-u-m-p JUMP, j-u-m-p JUMP, j-u-m-p JUMP. The children walk like a T-Rex while they are doing this.


We're practicing handwriting here! Just one small part of being a first-grader.





                                                                                                 Here we are "Doing the Word"! Doing jumping jacks while we spell words is a usual favorite. "Doing the Word" can get a little loud sometimes; that's o.k. its supposed to be!   



^^^^^^^This is a map of the World. If you look closely you can see some small orange dots. Those dots are the places that we have already read about this year! There is also a small blue dot on where we are, Tennessee.

 <<<<<<<<Morning Message

This is a message that I write every morning. Morning Message will usually have a question or a problem on it and it will always consist of the date, the day, and the number of days that we have been to school. The bones of the message stay the same. The specifics change.

 We love to read David Shannon books!



 We use our pointers whn we read.


We love the videos that United Streaming has to offer.



 Starfall is another fantastic website that helps us read.











Super Readers!

Everyday we have 3 students that read for us. they are our Super Readers. They get to read into the microphone in front of the whole class. They Love it!