Teacher Profile

    My wife Laura and I 

Hi my name is Seth Layne. I am 22 years old and I just got married to my high school sweetheart in June. I graduate from Tennessee Technological University in May of '07 and I started teaching in my hometown in August. From my early days in Mr.Mainord's history class I knew that I wanted to become a teacher. I graduated from Tech in four years with my certification in Elementary Education K-8 with a focus in human learning. I am also highly qualified by the state of Tennessee to teach K-6.


      Laura is my wife's name and she is also a teacher at the same school in which I teach. She teaches 3rd and 4th grade inclusion. My goal as a teacher is to make learning the most enjoyable experience that a child can have. When a child has fun they do not realize that they are learning. I've heard that teachers start out teaching thinking that they are going to change the world and then they realize that they can't. I know that I'm changing the world everyday. Many teachers see their jobs as just a job and not a calling. I have been called to teach, I will change lives, and I will love every second of it.

My e-mail- srlayne21@gmail.com