This picture is of the behavior chart that each student has. When a student is caught being good they get at sticker for their chart, if you have not had to move your pin (see photo below) at the end of the day you get a sticker. When you fill your sticker chart you get to get a prize out of the treasure box. There are many ways to get stickers, but there are also many ways to lose stickers. If a deed is not bad enough to move your pin then it probably is bad enough to move a sticker.

      These clothes pins have each of the students' names on them. When a child does something severe enough to have to move a pin they are starting to tread on thin ice. Orange is just a warning. Do better. If a pin is moved to Red then the student will have to sit out at least 5 min. of recess and a note will be sent home to the parents. We hope that the Red area will not have to be used.Smile