Long-term Assignments

Long-term Assignments



Miss Gasson: Keep your binder organized! Also, the paper bag project is in full swing! The project is due Dec. 16th. Students should read their books by Dec. 7th so that they have ample time to complete the project. Criteria, directions, and a checklist have been provided to all students. Please email me if you have any questions! Ms. Gasson and I have had frequent "check-ins" with students to ensure that they are on track!

Ms. Kraft:  Keep your binder organized! 

-Study guide and review packet given 11/16. Review packet answers on HW website!

Mr. Connolly: Keep reviewing material so that you are prepared for a test/quiz when it comes up!

Mr. Philips: Make sure you are completing all of your questions - you are responsible for them for any test/quiz!

*****For all 6B teachers - make sure you are keeping your binders organized. This includes not only putting papers in their correct sections, but also keeping up with your table of contents. 


Ms. Miller- 

ELA project:  

Ms. Stuka: Geography poster is being done in class and at home. 


Ms. McCann:  

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