All of these assignments are on Google Classroom-This is just a bit more detail if you need it.  :)

The weekly hyperdoc has ALL of the information, and it is posted on Google Classroom


This Week's Assignments:  (Note that they are all on the hyper-doc that is attached to Google Classroom, or click the link below:)



                            Hyper-doc Week: 5/26/2020- 5/29/2020

                                        (You may have to cut and paste the link into your browser.) 





Monday, May 18, 2020 -Memorial Day


Tuesday, May 16, 2020 -Please go to the hyper-doc for all of the details; all links are embedded within the document.


Language Arts:

Please look at the hyperdoc language arts calendar for all of your assignments.

 By the Great Horn Spoon!  Read Chapter  18 today.


Students are to read one chapter daily, and then answer the vocabulary/comprehension questions that are attached to Google Classroom


Log-into Epic books:  Code:  ylv0925. A digital copy of  By the Great Horn Spoon! is there for you to read.


When you are done, do the questions on Google Classroom; assignments are due the next day at 8:30.



We are beginning chapter 7; go to , "Things to Do" and complete the work.  



Please look at the hyperdoc math calendar for your daily assignments.

Xtra Math-  If you log on to Xtra-Math, please practice doing it.  


Social Studies:  Today you were assigned your California Landmark.  The note-taking sheet is on Google Classroom; the due date is June 1 for the notes.



Car Design Project!  Check out the slide deck; all the details are on there.