Supply List

Supply List -- 2019-2020

Teacher: S. Russell

The following is a list of supplies each student will need:

Classroom Supplies (These DON'T need to be labeled with your child's name.)

2 packs of #2 yellow pencils to be used as a class set (Dixon Ticonderoga preferred)

1 pack of washable markers (These will be used as a class set.)

1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper

1 pack 3"x5" index cards (These will be used as a class set.)

8-10 glue sticks (We will use a lot of these so feel free to send more and/or stock up.)

2 boxes Kleenex

2 rolls Paper Towels

3-4 containers Antibacterial Wipes (Lysol or Clorox)

1 ream copy paper

1 LARGE bottle of Germ-X (hand sanitizer)

Boys: 1 box of quart sized Ziploc bags

Girls: 1 box of gallon sized Ziploc bags


 Individual Student Supplies: (Please LABEL these supplies with your child’s name)

2 Sturdy (heavy duty) 3-ring Zippered Pencil Pouches for supplies -- NO SUPPLY BOXES (one will be kept in the daily homebound binder for money, pencils, notes, etc. and one will be kept in the desk and used to hold crayons) -- *I will provide your child's homebound binder.

2 boxes of 24 pk crayons - Crayola Twistables are best (One pack will be kept in the classroom to replace the others when needed.)

1 bottle of liquid Elmer's glue


1 pack of dry erase EXPO markers for student use (ULTRA FINE tip)

1 pair of ear buds OR head phones (Dollar Tree has these – Please label them with your child’s name &

send in a ziplock bag also labeled)

Treats for treat basket (stickers, small toys/prizes, soft candy--no hard candy, etc.)



Post-It Notes

Colored cardstock (any color)

Colored copy paper

Extra copy paper

Ink cartridge HP 901 (black) and/or HP 901 (color)

Treasure box items


cotton balls

paint brushes (for art projects), & sponge paint brushes

AA or AAA batteries

EXPO Markers

Dry-Erase Board Cleaner

Baby Wipes