week of 11/27

Please become familiar with this website. I will begin posting homework on this website for your convienance. Spelling lists, tic tac toes and reading passages will be on this website as well.

December Tic Tac Toe

Draw a Christmas Tree,

Write your spelling words in red

inside the tree


Draw a candy cane

Write your spelling

words inside                  

Write a letter to Santa, use your spelling words in the letter                               
Write question sentences with half of your spelling words   Write a winter themed story with your spelling words Write sentences about elves and reindeer using your spelling words
Write your spelling words with red vowels and green consonants Draw or cut out a Santa hat and write your words inside


Make each letter of the alphabet a code (a number, shape etc) and create your spelling words in code.

EX. a = 1, b=  2, c =3

back =21311

Spelling Words:
Blue Group: white, when, where, why,who, book, cook, look, boot, foot

Teal Group: White, when, where, who, why, choose, look, moose, look, foot, broom, spoon, tooth, roof,whether, wheel, whatever , wheat, which, whip, whirl

Green Group : when, where, why, who, what, white, whichever, whether , whisker, whipped, wheelchair, whale, choose, loose, shoot, foot, book, mood, boost,wheel

purple group : when, where, why, whatever, whichever, whoever,whisker, wheelbarrow, loose, choose, hoops, moon, cocoon, brooke, wooden, school, woodpecker,goodbye , whisper, whiskers.