Classroom Expectations

To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society. - Theodore Roosevelt

Class Expectations


  1. No gum, food, drinks, candy, or consumables of any kind. 2. The pass is for the bathroom only.
  2. Do not use the pass to go to your locker or any other place in the building. Plan ahead. Do not use the pass to get you lunch out of your locker? Violators will earn a detention.

3. Passes for the nurse or guidance will be written separately.

4. Bathroom trips should be made the last ten minutes of class, only, unless an emergency such as an illness occurs.

5. Come to class prepared every day with books, pens, homework, projects etc. You will not be allowed to leave the room to get forgotten supplies.

6. Homework will not be accepted late. It is due in class on the assigned time. You will receive a 100% for a homework grade. A zero is earned if you fail to bring your work to class. Homework will occasionally be collected, corrected and given a number grade.

7. If you are out of school for any reason, it is your job to ask a classmate what you missed. It is your job to collect the missing worksheets. It is your job to turn in the work the following day. I will not ask you for it. A zero is issued automatically when you are absent and retracted the next day upon completion of missed work. If you need my personal attention in this matter, see me at 2:00.

8. Labs performed in class are counted as a class work grade. If you miss a lab day for any reason you will receive a zero for a lab grade. You can make up the lab after school. The lab must be made up the same week that it was issues. Example: If the lab is on a Wednesday, you must stay for make up by Friday of that week.

9. You are responsible for all class information that you missed during an absence. I suggest setting up a system for note taking among friends.

10. Stay in the classroom or lab area until the bell rings. Do not line up at the door.

11. Stay quiet during the announcements.

12. During labs, stay at your assigned station. No walking around, pushing, or stealing supplies.

13. A detention will be issued to any student who touches the eyewash, the hood vent, or disassembles or damages lab equipment in any way. Destructive behavior will become a disciplinary issue for Mr. Forbes. Lab stations must be cleaned at the end of each lab.

14. You should hold on to all of your returned paper. In the event of a dispute about a missing assignment, it will be up to you to produce the graded papers.

15. Be on time for class. If you are late for class, you need a pass to enter.

16. Pre-lab must be done before lab class. No pre-lab-no lab. You will need to stay after school to make it up or take a zero. Make up labs for any reason must be done within 3 school days.

18. Detention days are Monday and Wednesday and are not negotiable.


a. Damaging any part of the science room

B. touching eye wash or hood vent

C. continued rudeness or disruptions

D. going in my desk or my computer

E. using the bathroom passes for any reason other than the bathroom

20. Detention can be issued for other offenses such as foul language, rude remarks, etc.

21. If you need any clarifications about your grade, it must be discussed after school and in private.

22. No cell phones or tablets, ever. Put them away before you enter the room and do not take them out until you leave the room. If you cell phone is visible in class, I will give you a choice. I will keep your phone until 2:00 pm or I will give it to Mr. Forbes as per school policy. I do not allow electronic devices of any kind.



Homework 40%

Class work 40%         

Tests, Quizzes, Projects 60 %


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

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