Honors Chemistry

Standard and Honors Chemistry Syllabus

 Instruction aligned with the National Science Education Standards and the Massachusetts State Standards

Full Year Course

One Credit 

Room C111


Instructor: Susan Seery          

Email sseery@bellinghamk12.org      

Department Nights      Monday and Wednesday

Grading:                       Bellingham Hand Book


I. Rationale: 

Student centered with an emphasis on four themes. The themes are Systems, order and organization; Evidence, models, and explanations; Change, constancy, and measurement; Form and function.

II. Course Aims and Objectives: 

Aims: Science as Inquiry

This course will provide chemistry education through activities labs, discussion, and discovery of critical concepts through inquiry and application of the gained knowledge.

III Specific Learning Objectives:

 State Standards      http://www.doe.mass.edu/


1. Class attendance and participation policy:  Regular attendance usually promises top grades.

2. Course readings: 

            (a) Chemistry

                        Chemistry Matter and Change

                        Glencoe.com / McGraw Hill

 3. Assignments

            (1) Formal Lab Reports

            (2) Mini Lab, Discovery Lab

(3) Standing Reading Assignment

(4) Homework Packet Issued for Each Chapter

(5) Supplements daily


IV. Grading Procedures: Grades


1. Class works, packets, labs and participation 40%

2. Tests and quizzes 60%

3. Late work will not be accepted. In the event of an absence, during a lab day, the lab must be made up after school within 3 school days of return.


V. Academic Integrity

All students are expected to show respect and use positive communication skills.


VI. Accommodations for students with disabilities


I follow all IEP and 504 plans as required.



"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

Have Fun!
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