Online Textbook

This is a picture of the Geometry textbook.
(It's not such a great picture.)

To access the online textbook, go to
Username: geometry270
Password: geometry

This is one of the best resources for Ms. Lee's class! Here are some things I recommend.

Enlarged Book Page

Videos    Interactive App   

Practice Quiz   Multilingual Glossary

Open the online textbook to a lesson that you're studying or using for homework.

Text too small? Click on "Enlarged Book Page" to pull up a PDF file. (It might take some time to load.)

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Want a refresher? Try the "Lesson Tutorial Videos"! (Your computer will need Adobe Flash installed.)

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You can understand the concepts by practicing with the Interactive App!

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Quiz yourself on the lesson to see if you REALLY understand the concepts!

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Want the definition or translation of a vocabulary word? Try the Multilingual Glossary. It even teaches you how to say the word!

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