Grade 3 Policies

Grade 3 Policies                         


         Students are expected to show appropriate behavior during school. Appropriate behavior includes following directions, respecting others, and being involved in learning activities. We have set up a policy that is used in both of our classrooms. This discipline policy consists of three steps. If class or school rules are broken, then the consequences below will be given within one school day:

First offense, a verbal warning will be given.


Second offense, a "Think Sheet" will be sent home to be completed with parents, signed, and brought back to school the next day.


Third offense, a detention will be given to student and phone call made to   parents.



We feel it is important to praise our students for all the great things they do, such as getting a compliment from a teacher or Miss Lang for walking quietly in the hall, working well during centers, helping each other clean up spilt crayons, etc. We feel it is important for the children to have a reward to work toward so they will want to do great things as a class. Each class votes on a reward when the jar is empty so they can know what prize they are working toward. We will then drop marbles into a jar to keep track of all these great actions. When the jar is full we will enjoy the prize we worked so hard for!



Why we assign homework: We believe homework is important because it is a valuable aid in helping reinforce what students learned in class. Homework prepares students for future lessons, teaches responsibility, and helps develop positive study habits.


When we assign homework: Homework may be assigned Monday through Thursday nights. There are times when optional homework will be assigned on weekends, such as reviewing for an upcoming test. Assignments should take no longer than 30 minutes a night, including 15 minutes of reading, which can be done silently or aloud with someone.


Student homework responsibilities: We expect students to do their best on homework assigned to them. We expect homework assignments to be neat and not sloppy. Students are expected to try their best on the assignment before asking for help at home.

If a Student DOES NOT Complete Homework

If a student fails to do a homework assignment, they will receive a homework slip. This homework slip is used to inform you that your child did not finish or complete the assignment, or did the assignment incorrectly. A parent will need to sign the homework slip and the student is required to bring the finished/correct assignment to school the next day. It is the student’s responsibility to turn the assignment in with the signed homework slip.

If a student receives 3 homework slips in a quarter, a Life Skill will be sent home.

If a student receives 5 homework slips in a quarter, a contact home will be made, and the student will need to serve a 45 min. detention.

Each Quarter students will go back to having zero homework slips.


Parent homework responsibilities: Parents play an important role in making homework a positive experience for their children! Therefore, we ask that parents make homework a top priority, provide necessary supplies and a quiet environment, set a daily work time, provide praise and support, not let children avoid homework, and contact us if they notice a problem. Thank you in advance for all you do to help your child succeed in school!



Remember that as a third grader, we ask that your child spend 15 minutes or 15 pages a night with a book, magazine, or a newspaper. This reading material should be age appropriate and "just right" text. Your child will learn this rule in third grade.



Everyday at 2:45pm, we fill in our homework for the day in our Agenda as a class. We will then check each child’s Agenda to help him/her be successful with homework that evening. Parents are encouraged to use the Agenda as a communication tool with teachers. Transportation changes still need a separate note and please send any money to school in an envelope with your child’s name and homeroom on it, as well as what the money is designated for written clearly on the envelope. Thank you!



Your child is encouraged to bring in a healthy snack daily to be enjoyed mid-morning. This snack should be quick and something that can be eaten by hand. No juice boxes, please, but children are allowed and encouraged to bring in a water bottle. Examples of healthy snacks include: apple slices, a granola bar, cheese and crackers, grapes, or carrot sticks. Sugary snacks are discouraged. *No nuts or peanut butter to protect our youngsters with allergies. Thanks for helping us keep our brains alert and ready to learn!



If your child celebrated a birthday in the summer, do not fear! The office recognizes these students throughout the year. It is up to you when you would like to celebrate your child’s summer birthday, whether at his/her half birthday or in June. Please let us know which you prefer. You can see the handbook for more details regarding birthday treats.



It is our goal that your child meets the standards of Grade 3, and begins to exceed or apply these learned skills even further. Grading will be much like what you have seen in the past few years, with rubrics to help explain what is expected for students to maintain a "+" and a "check." Please see the St. Brendan Handbook to view the Diocesan Progress Report Codes in detail.



Terra Nova Testing will be in October 17th through the 21st. More information will be sent home about your child taking the Terra Nova test closer to the time.