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What We Do in CAMP Computer

Kindergarten - Students practice mouse skills, how to open and close programs, windows, and programs, use keyboard shortcuts, practice following directions to work independently, and learn technology terminology.  Students learn how to work independently and confidently while learning and reinforcing skills that meet grade-level classroom curriculum that aligns with GPS standards.  

First Grade - Students build on what they learned in Kindergarten.  Students are continually encouraged to make decisions for themselves and have confidence using technology.  

Second Grade - Students are much more confident at this age where basic skills are in place.  Students begin doing research projects and writing activites as well as working on classroom curriculum that meets GPS standards.

Third through Fifth Grade - Students begin learning how to type correctly in third grade and continue through fifth grade.  BMES has a program called PAWS in Typing Town which is very structured and leads students through Typing Town to learn the correct way to use home keys and correct hand/finger placement.  Students work at their own pace and have 16 lesson to complete.  There is a fun arcade with each lesson to reinforce wht students learned in that lesson.  Students also focus on math, research, learn how to do PowerPoint presentations, and use Microsoft Word for writing assignments.  



Get 2 Months for $5!