Mrs. Susan Smith's Classroom Website

Please use this site to get extra papers, assignments, and dates for all work.  Print out your own copies of worksheets that you are missing.




Help Sessions

I am available before or after school on most days. Just check with me the day before to be sure I will be there.

Ask for a pass down the hall if you are coming before school



You have homework every night. If I have not given you a specific assignment to do at home, work on vocabulary, read through your notes, and think or talk through what you did in class that day.

There is no excuse for not being prepared for class!

Missing Work

If you are absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to find out what you are missing and get the work made up and turned in.

Make up tests and quizzes are only done before or after school.



Every student is expected to keep a notebook with all of their work and notes. You will add to this notebook everyday and will need to refer to it everyday.


How to reach me

I am available by phone at WFRHS. The best time to reach me is during planning (8:55-10:30).

My email address is



You may retake any test or quiz that you have not done well on. All retakes are done before or after school. You must demonstrate that you have studied for the retake.



Class Policies:

I expect students to abide by all of the policies in the agenda and code of conduct. I will enforce dress code, tardy and cell phone policies as they are written.

In my classroom, these are my expectations of all of my students:
1) Respect others at all times

.2) Interference with the education of another student will not be tolerated.

3) No food, candy, gum, or drinks allowed in the classroom. This is strictly enforced. (Water is allowed in a closed container)

4) Work is due on assigned date

5) Absolutely no horseplay in the lab area. Any horseplay will result in ejection from lab.

6) All rules posted in the student agenda will be enforced.


Scientific Root Words, Prefixes, And Suffixes


a-, an- not, without, lacking, deficient

ab- away from, out from

-able capable of

ac- to, toward

-aceous of or pertaining to

acou-, acous- hear

ad- to, toward

aden- gland

adip- fat

aero- air

agri- field, soil

-al having the character of

alb- white

alg-, -algia pain

alto- high

ambi- both

ameb- change, alternation

amni- fetal membrane

amphi-, ampho- both

amyl- starch

ana- up, back, again

andro- man, masculine

anemo- wind

ang- choke, feel pain

angi- blood, vessel, duct

ante- before, ahead of time

anter- front

antho- flower

anti- against, opposite

antrhopo- man, human

-ap-, -aph- touch

apo-, ap- away from

aqu- water

archaeo- primitive, ancient

-ary, -arium denotes a place for something

arteri- artery

arthr- joint, articulation

-ase forms names of enzymes

aster-, astr- star

-ate verb form – the act of

anther- fatty deposit

-ation noun form – the act of

atmo- vapor

audi- hear

aur- ear

auto- self

bacter-, bactr- bacterium, stick, club

barb- beard

baro- weight

bath- depth, height

bene- well, good

bi- (Latin) two twice

bi-, bio- (Greek) life, living

-blast- sprout, germ, bud

brachi- arm

brachy- short

brady- slow

branchi- fin

brev- short

bronch- windpipe

cac-. bad

calor- heat

capill- hair

capit- head

carcin- cancer

cardi- heart

carn- meat, flesh

carp- fruit

carpal- wrist

cata- breakdown, downward

caud- tail

-cell- chamber, small room

cen-, cene- now, recent

cente- pierce

centi- hudredth

centr- center

cephal- head

cerat- horn

cerebr- brain

cervic- neck

chel- claw

chem- dealing with chemicals

chir- hand

chlor- green

chondr- cartilage

chrom-, -chrome color

chron- time

-chym- juice

-cid-, -cis- cut, kill, fall

circa-, circum- around, about

cirru- hairlike curls

co- with, together

cocc- seed, berry

coel- hollow

coll- glue

coni- cone

contra- against

corp- body

cort-, cortic- outer layer

cosmo- world, order, form

cotyl- cup

counter- against

crani- skull

cresc-, cret- begin to grow

crypt- hidden, covered

-cul-, -cule small, diminutive

cumul- heaped

cuti- skin

cyan- blue

-cycle, cycl- ring, circle

-cyst- sac, pouch, bladder

cyt-, -cyte cell, hollow container

dactyl- finger

de- away from, down

deca- ten

deci- tenth

deliquesc- become fluid

demi- half

dendr- tree

dent- tooth

derm- skin

di-, dipl- (Latin) two, double

di-, dia- (Greek) through, across, apart

dia- (Latin) day

digit- finger, toe

din- terrible

dis- apart, out

dorm- sleep

dors- back

du-, duo- two

-duct lead

dynam- power

dys- bad, abnormal, difficult

ec- out of, away from

echin- spiny, prickly

eco- house

ecto- outside of

-elle small

-emia blood

en-, endo-, ent- in, into, within

-en made of

encephal- brain

enter- intestine, gut

entom- insects

-eous nature of, like

epi- upon, above, over

-err- wander, go astray

erythro- red

-escent becoming

eso- inward, within, inner

eu- well, good, true, normal

eury- widen

ex- out of, away from

extra- beyond, outside

-fer- bear, carry, produce

ferro- iron

fibr- fiber, thread

-fid, fiss- split, divided into

-flect, -flex bend

flor- flower

flu-,fluct-,flux flow

foli- leaf

fract- break

-gam- marriage

gastr- stomach

geo- land, earth

-gen, -gine producer, former

-gene- origin, birth

-gest- carry, produce, bear

-glen- eyeball

-glob- ball, round

gloss- tongue

gluc-, glyc- sweet, sugar

glut- buttock

gnath- jaw

-gon angle, corner

-grad- step

-gram, graph record, writing

grav- heavy

-gross- thick

gymno- naked, bare

gyn- female

gyr- ring, circle, spiral

-hal-, -hale breathe, breath

halo- salt

hapl- simple

hector- hundred

-helminth- worm

hem- blood

hemi- half

hepar-, hepat- liver

herb- grass, plants

hetero- different, other

hex- six

hibern- winter

hidr- sweat

hipp- horse

hist- tissue

holo- entire, whole

homo- (Latin) man, human

homo- (Greek) same, alike

hort- garden

hydr- water

hygr- moist, wet

hyper- above, beyond over

hyph- weaving, web

hyphno- sleep

hypo- below, under, less

hyster- womb, uterus

-iae person afflicted with disease

-iasis disease, abnormal condition

-ic (adjective former)

-chthy- fish

ign- fire

in-, il-, im-, ir- not

in-, il-, im-, ir- to, toward, into

in- very, thoroughly

-ine of or pertaining to

infra- below, beneath

inter- within, inside

intra- between

-ism a state or condition

iso- equal, same

-ist person who deals with

-it is inflammation, disease

-ium refers to a part of the body

-kary- cell nucleus

kel- tumor, swelling

kerat- horn

kilo- thousand

kine- move

lachry- tear

lact- milk

lat- side

leio- smooth

-less without

leuc-, leuk- white, bright, light

lign- wood

lin- line

lingu- tongue

lip- fat

lith-, -lite stone, petrifying

loc- place

-log- word, speech

-logist one who studies

-logy study of

lumin- light

-lys, -lyt, -lyst decompose, split, dissolve

macr- large

malac- soft

malle- hammer

mamm- breast

marg- border, edge

mast- breast

med- middle

meg- million, great

mela-, melan- black, dark

-mer part

mes- middle, half, intermediate

met-, meta- between, along, after

-meter, -metry measurement

micro- small, millionth

milli- thousandth

mis- wrong, incorrect

mito- thread

mole- mass

mono- one, single

mort- death

mot- move

morph- shape, form

multi- many

mut- change

my- muscle

myc- fungus

mycel- threadlike

myriad- many

moll- soft

nas- nose

necr- corpse, dead

nemat- thread

neo- new, recent

neprho- kidney

-ner- moist, liquid

neur- nerve

noct-, nov- night

-node knot

-nom-, -nomy ordered knowledge, law

non- not

not- back

nuc- center

ob- against

ocul- eye

oct- eight

odont- tooth

-ond form, appearance

olf- smell

oligo- few, little

-oma abnormal condition, tumor

omni- all

onc- mass, tumor

oo- egg

opthalm- eye

opt- eye

orb- circle, round, ring

-orium, -ory place for something

ornith- bird

orth- straight, correct, right

oscu- mouth

-osis abnormal condition

oste- bone

oto- ear

-ous full of

ov- egg

oxy- sharp, acid, oxygen

pachy- thick

paleo- old, ancient

palm- broad, flat

pan- all

par-, para- beside, near, equal

path-, -pathy disease, suffering

-ped- foot

-ped- child

pent- five

per- through

peri- around

permea- pas, go

phag- eat

pheno- show

-phil- loving, fond of

phon-, -phone sound

-phore,, pher- bear, carry

photo- light

phren- mind, diaphragm

phyc- seaweed, algae

phyl- related group

-phyll leaf

physic- nature, natural qualities

phyt-, phyte platn

pino- drink

pinni- feather

plan- roaming, wandering

plasm-, -plast- form, formed into

platy- flat

pleur- lung, rib, side

pneumo- lungs, air

-pod foot

ply- many, several

por- opening

port- carry

post- after, behind

pom fruit

pre- before, ahead of time

prim- first

pro- forward, favoring, before

p[roto- first, primary

pseudo- false, deceptive

psych mind

pter- having wings or fins

pulmo- lung

puls- drive, push

pyr- heat, fire

quadr- four

quin- five

radi- ray

re- again, back

rect- right, correct

ren- kidney

ret- net, made like a net

rhag-, -rrhage burst forth

rhe-, rrhea flow

rhin- nose

rhiz- root

rhodo- rose

roto- wheel

rubr- red

sacchar- sugar

sapr- rotten

sarc- flesh

saur- lizard

schis-, schiz- split, divide

sci- know

scler- hard

-scop- look, device for seeing

-scribe, -script write

semi- half, partly

sept- partition, seven

-septic infection, putrefaction

sess- sit

sex- six

-sis condition, state

sol- sun

solv- loosen, free

som-, somat-, -some body

somn- sleep

son- sound

spec-, spic- look at

-sperm- seed

-spher- ball, round

spir-, -spire breathe

-spor- seed

stat-, -stasis standing, placed, staying

stell- stars

sten- narrow

stern- chest, breast

stom-, -stome mouth

strat- strat

stereo- solid, 3-dimensional

strict- drawn tight

styl- pillar

sub- under, below

super-, sur- over, above, on top

sym-, syn- together

tachy- quick, swift

tarso- ankle

tax- arrange, put in order

tele- far off, distant

telo- end

terr- earth, land

tetr- four

thall- young shoot

-the-, -thes- put

-thel- cover a surface

therm- heat

-tom- cut, slice

toxico- poison

top- place

trache- windpipe

trans- across

tri- three

trich- hair

-trop- turn, change

-troph- nourishment, one who feels

turb- whirl

-ul-, -ule diminutive, small

ultra- beyond

uni- one

ur- urine

-ura tail

vas- vessel

vect- carry

ven-, vent- come

ventr- belly, underside

-verge turn, slant

vig- strong

vit-, viv- life

volv- roll, wander

-vor- devour, eat

xanth- yellow

xero- dry

xyl- wood

zo-, -zoa animal

zyg- joined together

zym- yeast                                            Safety                                                  

  1. Safety goggles/glasses & aprons must be worn at all times in the laboratory.

  2. Tie back long hair & secure lose clothing.  

  3. No horseplay is allowed in the lab.

  4. No food or drink is allowed in the laboratory.  

  5. Practice good “housekeeping” techniques.  Return items to proper places in good condition.  Avoid cluttering your work area.

  6. Never use chemicals from unlabeled containers.  Check each label before dispensing a chemical, & do not return a chemical to a bottle without the teacher’s permission.

  7. Unless told otherwise, treat all chemicals as poisonous or corrosive.  Wash hands immediately with plenty of water if chemical gets on them and always wash your hands before leaving lab.  

  8. No unauthorized lab work may be done, & a teacher must be present to do lab work.  

  9. Read & study each lab assignment before coming to lab.  Pay attention to safety notes in the lab manual and from the instructor.  Some common lab concerns:  
    * Never pipette by mouth
    * Never use chipped or cracked glassware
    * Do not heat a closed system
    * Do not point heated containers at yourself or another person
    * Use a fume hood for noxious fumes
    * Place heated glass on wire gauze until cool
    * Do not use flammable material near open flame
    * Wear gloves when dispensing irritating chemicals
    * Dilute concentrated acids by adding acid to water
    * Turn off burners and water faucets when not in use & before leaving lab
    * Only heat glassware marked Kimex or Pyrex
    * Use glycerin and a twisting motion to insert glass tubing into stoppers
    * Use tongs, test tube holders, or heat-resistant gloves to handle hot glassware
    * Use pins to secure dissecting organisms to the dissecting tray before cutting with a scalpel
    * Wash hands before and after dissecting and keep hands away from your face

  10. Report all accidents immediately to the teacher.

  11. Know the location and proper use of all safety equipment in the lab.

  12. Know where all exits are from the lab.