About Me

My name is Stefani Smith and I have been a teacher at North Franklin since the 2002-2003 school year.  Where was I before I became a teacher?  What do I do when I'm not being a teacher? What is there to know about me besides I'm a teacher? smiley


I was born in a little city called Findlay, Ohio.  I was raised in a little city not far from Findlay, called Lima. I lived there all my life with my mom, dad and big sister (she's older than me by 9 years) until I left for college in 1996.  That's when I moved to Columbus.  I went to Capital University because I wanted to be a nurse!!  That's right, a nurse!  I just knew I wanted to be a pediatric nurse (That's a nurse that takes care of kids).  I wouldn't have been a very good nurse though because even though I heart kids, I hate blood, needles and seeing people not feeling very well.  So, I took my love for kids and all my experience babysitting and working in daycare centers and decided to get my degree in education.  I had always loved playing school when I was little and I loved teaching kids in my church and at my part-time jobs babysitting and working in day care centers.  I was called to be a teacher.  I would still get to help kiddos and hopefully be kind of a life-saver in a totally different way!  

I graduated from Capital and went back to my little hometown where I was a substitute teacher at a middle school for a year.  Then I was hired by South-Western City Schools and assigned to teach at North Franklin!  I have never looked back.  


When I Take Off My Teacher Hat

I put on my "mom' hat.  I have a daughter named Eliza.  She is 10 years old and she's in the 5th grade this year.  We have fun together.  She teaches me all about the latest on Youtube and VIne and we love watching cat videos.  Eliza's really into the artsy stuff; she loves doing art camps, singing and taking dance classes.  This summer she started sewing!


Besides Teaching? 

A Few of my Favorite Things:                             

  • Reading

  • Coffee

  • Thunderstorms

  • Springtime

  • Pizza

  • My church