Room 27

Room 27 Classroom News

Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten

Homework will begin for the class on September 19th. Homework should teach responsibilty and reinforce concepts taught in class.  Homework offers a chance to practice what we have already been working on.  If your child is frustrated, or having trouble with homework, feel free to discuss this with me.  We will  work out a solution to the problem.

Cafeteria lunches can be purchased beginning the week of September 19th.  Lunches cost $1.00.  You can also pre purchase lunches before school in the cafeteria. 

Milk money will be   collected the week of September 19th.  You may purchase milk or juice on Mondays, for the week.

The cost is $3.00 for the week. The extra money covers  classroom snacks, and missing milk or juice money.

Wish List

paper towels,goldfish crackers, graham crackers,floor puzzles, small toys for the prize box( like birthday party favors)round toys for Zero the Hero, or foods shaped like a cirlce.(it's a secret),  more items as needed.


Mrs. Spector