What are the advantages of Brushed stainless steel sheets?

The surface of stainless steel is brushed to give it a wire-like texture. This is just a way of processing stainless steel. In addition, the surface appears textured, but it cannot be felt. Although it looks higher-grade than ordinary bright stainless steel, it is more wear-resistant than standard bright stainless steel.


During the brushing process, the thickness of the brushed stainless steel sheet will be reduced to a certain degree, usually 0.1~0.2mm. Further, the palm secretes relatively strong oils, and sweat often leads to fingerprints appearing more evident on the Brushed stainless steel sheet, and it must be cleaned frequently.



Brushed stainless steel sheets are often used when decorating bathrooms and kitchens. Brushed Stainless Steel is a kind of metal processing technology. A brushing effect is part of this surface treatment process for stainless steel and aluminum. Surface treatment with this technology is one of the most popular processes in today's stainless steel and aluminum industries.


Surface texture classification for Brushed stainless steel sheet


  • Brushed straight lines.
  • Brushed chaotic lines.
  • Brushed corrugated lines.
  • Brushed thread lines. 



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