Third Grade Information

Third Grade Information


Reading:  Students were asked to bring money to pay for Scholastic News Magazine.  This magazine contains current events and is sent to us weekly.  The magazine has many objectives that we will need to meet in order to do well on the MAP Test at the end of the year.  We will use this resource on most Fridays to replace our current series.  Students do enjoy this magazine and the current events in which it contains.  Students will have assignments that go with the magazine; therefore each student will need a copy.  If you have not already done so, please send your money for your child’s copy as soon as possible.

Math:   We will do math each day and on most days students will have some sort of assignment.  This assignment will be in addition to the math fact families that we have each week.

Spelling:  We will have a pre-test each Monday.  Students whom make 100% on the pre-test will not have to re-test on Friday and the score will be recorded.  Students whom do not make 100% on the pre-test will have to write words missed.  This will be an assignment and students will be expected to turn written words in along with the actual test on Wednesday.  Students will then need to re-test on Friday for a score to be recorded in the grade book.  A list of words will be sent home each Friday in the classroom newsletter.  These words will also be posted on my website.

Centers:  Students will have the opportunity to work in reading centers during our reading group time.  You will notice that papers, worksheets and projects done during this time will also have a green check mark in the corner.

Social Studies and Science:   Students will do both subjects this year.  This will be one of the major differences between second and third grade.  These subjects will now be like math, reading and spelling.  Students will have homework in each along with chapter tests in which they will need to study for.  Students will always be given a study guide days prior to the test to help prepare for the test.  We will review the test a day prior to testing.  In addition to study guides, students will have a folder for these subjects.  The students will be expected to keep all assignments in this folder for the current chapter we are working on.  Students will also need to keep these papers organized in their folder until test day.  Once test day has arrived, I will collect the folders and give students credit for keeping each worksheet needed for this chapter.  This is usually an easy 100% for students and this also helps students become more organized.  To make things easier, we will switch these subjects on and off through-out the semester.  Students can use one folder for both subjects.

Planners:  I have provided your child with a generic planner.  This planner will help you and your child keep track of not only what we have done at school, but what your child has for homework on that day.  Students will learn how to work with their planner and usually do very well with the planner by the second week of school.  I have a board in my room labeled exactly like the planner and write assignments down as we go.  As we finish assignments in class, we will put a check mark beside that subject to show that the subject is completed.  If the subject does not contain a c heck mark, that will indicate homework for that child.  Students will be expected to complete this daily.  I do ask that you initial the planner at the bottom of the current day.  This assures me that you indeed saw what your child had done for the day and that you know if your child completed his or her homework.  In addition, this will help you be aware of tests and other projects.


Homework Club:  Most of you are aware of Homework Club since Mrs. Rush did participate in this event with me.  In order for students to attend the Homework Club Party, he or she will need to complete homework each evening and return it to school the following morning.  Students whom leave homework at home, or fail to finish the assignment, will not be able to attend this event. This club is for students whom complete and return 100% of ALL homework assignments and projects.  We indeed stick to this policy as it helps students become responsible for their own homework and the importance of keeping track of the work.

Homework Notices:  Another difference between second and third grade is homework notices.  Students who do not finish, or turn in homework each morning will receive a homework notice.  This notice will be sent to you for your signature.  On the notice, students will have to state the reason they did not complete and turn in the work.  These notices will need to be returned the following day.  Students, whom earn more than four notices in one quarter, will be referred to the office.  Students will also be sent to study hall on the day of the late homework to complete the assignment that should have been turned in on that particular day.  Late assignments will also now receive a 50% deduction on the first day, and will be given a zero on the second day.  I rarely see late homework on day two, since students are required to complete the work in study hall.  Doing homework, turning homework in, and completing all assignments are a very important part of third grade and each year here after.  Students, whom are consistent in turning homework in late, will soon notice a drop in their grades.  Let’s please work together to be sure that students are doing homework and returning it back to school in their folder each day.  This is a vital part to your child’s learning and success in school.  In addition, students should not have more than thirty minutes of homework each evening.  I do my best to see that time is given in class for students to work on homework.  Students who take advantage of the study time will not have more than the thirty minutes of work each evening. 

Parties:  Again this year we will have holiday parties.  In advance I will send a check-list home for you to check the objects you will be willing to send. 

Book orders:  I will send home book orders approximately each month.  I will send home two different orders for you to look over.  If you do decide to order, I would prefer that you send a check or money order payable to the book club listed on the form. 

Tests:  Math, science and social studies tests will all be given throughout the year.  I usually post the dates of tests on newsletters and send home study guides prior to the test.  After tests have been graded, I will send tests home for you to look over, sign and return.

Take Home Folder:  Your child will have a folder that he/she will bring home each evening.  Students will be asked to keep all notes, homework and papers to go home in this folder.  This helps with organization and also helps to keep papers from tearing.  Please remind your child to return the folder each day.

Remember, third grade is a year of transition.  It is amazing how students, who are given a consistent routine, adjust and do very well with each new task given. I will do my best to model for your student and work daily with them so that they achieve success with their new classroom routine.