My Disability

My name is Angela.  I am 17 years old.  I go to New Trier High School.  I am a good actress, singer, and dancer.  I also have a brain injury.  A brain injury is when your brain gets hurt from something.  My brain acts differently.  To do math is hard and money is hard.  I don’t see close that well.  I can’t see signs like other people.  But I can remember people’s names really well.  The doctors knew there was something wrong with my brain when I was born.  I still have it now.  In 6th grade, we learned that I have a hard time seeing.  My birth mom wasn’t careful with what she was doing with her body. She had cocaine in her body that hurt my brain.  To this day, I still don’t like what she did.  She could have killed herself or me.  I think it’s kind of awesome that I have a disability because I can remember names and memorize songs really well.  Sometimes I wish I could drive like my friends.  But, I have friends who drive me around, which is nice.  I have a lot of skills that other people do not have, like remembering people’s names and the words to songs.