Homework assignments


                                           Week of March 24th

Grade 6 Math

Monday- find and record at least 10 quadrilaterals at home

Tuesday- finish shape posters

Wed.- triangle worksheet

Thursday- no homework mcas on Friday

Grade 6 Reading

Monday- none

Tuesday- answer the questions to stormalong and make sure you find and highlight your answers and number them.

wed.- finish answering Sal Fink questions remember to highlight the answers

Thursday- no homework mcas on Friday

Grade 7 Science

Monday- none MCAS tomorrow

Tuesday- none mcas today

Wed.- finish 1-3 packet

Friday- finish worksheet

Grade 6 Science

Monday- Begin studying flashcards for a quiz on Thursday

Tuesday- Study and finish packet

Wed.- Study

Thursday- Quiz today no homework mcas on Friday

Grade 8 Science

Monday- finish packets

Tuesday- no homework mcas Wed. and Thursday

Friday- begin to study for the chapter 5 test it will be on Wed.