Spelling Links

Spelling List for week of 1/31/11

1.     curl           2.     birth           3.    burned       4.    perfect      5.    thirty                  6.    church      7.     firm           

8.     skirt          9.    clerk          10.                     jerked          11.                     dirt             12.                     shirt            13.                     person        14.                     purse           15.                     term            16.                     worked      17.                     chirp           18.                     third               19.                     thirsty         20.                     purpose     21.                     worry         22.                     hurry           23.                     secure                    24.     heel         25.     folktale      26.     fault           27.     wrong       28.     error           29.     trouble                                        30.      reason      

Sight Words:  February, recycle, together, country, Catholic

   Spelling Practice Activities:  Choose 3 activities below and include this list and the practice work when you turn it in. Parents can initial those that don’t have something to turn in. New activities in italics.

ü  Write your words in cursive

ü  Write sentences using all of your spelling words.  (Good practice for your spelling test!)

ü  Write each spelling word and find a synonym for each word.

ü  _____Sing or hop while spelling all your spelling words.

ü  _____Have your parent give you a spelling test.  Write words missed 5 times each.

ü  Find a new way to practice, do it, and describe it here ___________________________________________________

ü  Write spelling words in ABC order.

ü Write each spelling word.  Draw a picture next to it to illustrate each word.

ü Look up 5 words in the dictionary and write the definition.