Keyboarding Websites

Surf to these sites for some fun keyboarding practice.

Dance Mat Typing

The Keyboard Playground Keypad Keyball, Speed Typing, and more

Typing Tidepool from Learning Games for Kids

Glencoe Keyboarding movies and activities

AWESOME! Create your own custom practice text by specifying a URL. Click the "Tutorial" button and select the radio button labeled "Web Site/Blog" as the text source for your keyboarding practice. Copy and paste this URL to give it a try:  

Type Type Revolution  

Keyboard Game from Big Brown Bear

Typing Web - Keyboarding Online  free keyboarding lessons

Typing Adventure - free trial offered

Typing Pal Online - Practice* The Basics
(now generally fee based)

Touch Typing - online drills

Type Online

Numeric Keypad Lessons, Ten Key from Type Online

Krazy Keyboarding for Kids - Read and try the activities.

Type Me from FunSchool-Kaboose "Easy", "Medium" or "Hard" plus other settings.
Type the letters you see falling before they hit the bottom of the screen.

Learn 2 Type

Ten Key Test from Learn 2 Type

Typing Master
Bubbles Typing and try a demo of Typing Master Games. Tip: if the bubbles activity does not allow you to type, try clicking inside the window.

Word Meister
Use your keyboarding skills to practice. You can also spell words by clicking on letters - mouse practice.   

Typer Shark at Yahoo Games - Type the words on the sharks before they reach you, the diver.

Fearless Freida the Big Kahuna from Game Goo - Listen for a word and type it to hear it sounded out.

Typing Exercise You can be too quick for this one, believe it or not! Set the time, 30 seconds or 1 minutes, and see how well you do. Choose to type letters, numbers, 2-letter words, 3-letter words, etc.

Keyboard Challenge Learn the Keys from ABCya. Drag the keys into position on the blank keyboard. Start with the home row.

Keyboard and Typing Tutor from US Speller,
Also offers an Oz Speller version, or UK Speller version.

Free Typing Game - Lessons and Tests too.
Use the tabs to select a section. Practice using the Lessons, and then try the hungry frog game.

Find the Letter

Cup Stacking and Alpha Drop from Learning Games for Kids

Keyboarding Skills from e-Learning
Listen and follow directions to work your way through.

Peter's Online Typing Course

Power Typing

Super Hyper Spider Typer from FunSchool