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    Libraries are organized so that books are easily found.

    Most libraries use the same systems, so once you know how to find books in one library,

    you can be successful in locating books in any other library.


  • Learning Objective: To learn about the author and origin of the Dewey Decimal System; and the necessity to classify and shelve books in the library.

            History of the author and founder of the Dewey Decimal System.

            Identification of the Dewey Decimal System

            Identification of Fiction vs. Nonfiction call numbers

            Identification of the 10 Major Classes of the Dewey Decimal System

            Interactive game identifying the 10 Major Classes of the Dewey Decimal System

            Organize books on a list.

            View Video on history of the Dewey Decimal System

            Quiz on History of the Dewey Decimal System

                                                                                      Additional Useful Dewey Links                      


                Who invented the Dewey Decimal System? What 3 contributions did he make to libraries?


   Do most schools and public libraries use the Dewey Decimal System?




   What Dewey category has information on Languages, Sports, and Pets?




   What is an easy way to remember the difference between Fiction and Nonfiction?




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