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August 23, 2012

Wow...first day of school.  I am very encouraged and excited for the year before us.


I have created a website that will give information about our class, our school, and a place of reference for you.  You may access it at on the internet.  If you do not have internet access at home, you may use one of the computers at the library.


Grades are kept online.  You may access it to keep up with averages or missing assignments.  You will need a username and password, unless you already have one.  There is a link on my website.

Bulldog Bash

Each Tuesday at 2:20 the elementary school participates in Bulldog Bash.  One class will lead out with the Word of the Week, Flag Salutes, Creeds, etc.  Tuesday, August 28th is our turn.  You are invited to attend.  It is held in the auditorium.  Later in the 9 weeks, Bulldog Bash will also be a time in which we will give out awards for AR, etc.