Fine and Gross Motor Ideas

Below you will find some great sites that will be fun and engaging for your child while working on their fine and gross motor skills.

Fine motor activities work on getting the small muscles to strengthen.  

Fine Motor Activities 1

Fine Motor Activities 2

Fine Motor Activities 3

Gross motor actiivities work on getting the large muscles to strengthen. 

Gross Motor Activities 1

Gross Motor Activities 2

Brain Breaks

A brain break is a short mental break that is taken during regular intervals during classroom instruction. Brain breaks are usually limited to five minutes and work best when they incorporate physical activities. For the little ones in kindergarten, you may want to do a brain break after about five to ten minutes into a task when you notice students starting to wiggle around. Here are some brain breaks that you can use. Please feel free to check the brain  break ideas under resources and websites.  

  • Jumping jacks 

  • March or high-step around the house 

  • Run, skip, or grapevine down a hallway (or do a combination of moves) 

  • Do push-ups or planks 

  • Touch elbows to opposite knees 

  • Do yoga poses or stretches 

  • Bear crawl or crab walk across the room and back 

  • Have a dance party—just one or two songs 

  • Give someone at home a hug 

  • Go on an imaginary roller coaster ride: In a chair, mimic putting on a harness, leaning back (as the coaster climbs up a hill), leaning side-to-side (as the coaster twists and turns on the track), raising your hands up high (as the coaster plunges down a hill). You can even add unhooking the harness and stumbling off the coaster at the end.