Kindergarten E-Learning

Welcome to e-learning!

Below is the what we would like for your kindergartner to accomblish.

Please know we understand that there are a lot of activities to get through and we completely understand if you are not able to get to them all. Please do what is doable for you and your child.  

Prerecorded PE and Library Lessons for the Week  with Ms. Hyland (

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble  with Mrs. Wiederkehr (

Friday, January 15th  

*Language Arts Seesaw lesson 

**Check your teacher’s daily schedule for live lessons. 


-Discuss months of the year. What month is it? What was last month? What will next month be? 

-Discuss days of the week. What is today? Yesterday? Tomorrow? 

-Go over today’s date. 

-Check the weather. 

Language Arts: 

-Star of the Week (This will be during 1st live session) 

-Complete the sight word spin and graph worksheet and write a sentence on the back with your winning word- Students should write the sight word that they spin on the graph instead of coloring it in. 

-Play the unicorn sight word 4 game- Student will need a die and a playing piece for this. Student can play it either independently or with a family member. This is a good game to keep and use for practice throughout the next couple of weeks. 

-Complete Simple Sentence Read and Draw (turn in) 

-At/An Word Family Sort- Student should cut and glue the words based on the word family it belongs to.  

-Journal Write: Topic- My favorite Elephant and Piggie book we read was .. (turn in) 

-Complete seesaw activity. 

-Read 1 book on RAZ Kids.  

- Your child should do “Read to Self” and have stories read to them. Check for understanding. 

-Optional: Write sentences using –an words.  


-Watch this song on length 

-Complete p.6 in the green My Firth Math Workbook- student's height will need to be measured with a piece of string or ribbon before beginning this activity and kept to measure with (turn in) 

  • Draw something that you measure with your string that was taller than you  

  • Draw something that you measure with your string that was shorter than you 

  • Draw something that you measure with your string that was about the same height as you 

-Optional: Go around your house and find things that are shorter than, taller than, or the same length as a pencil. You can use your whiteboard to record your answers. 

-IReady Math (15 minutes) 

-Be sure you complete this week’s homelinks and ixls 

IXL for the week:  H.7 and T.2 

Homelinks for the week: 6.1 


-Create your own boat using objects from around your house (examples of objects: paper plate or bowl,popsicle sticks, foam, foil, straws, corks, etc). 

  •  Use tape or glue (if you have time for it to dry) to keep your pieces together. 

  • Fill up the sink or bathtub and test out your boat! 

  • Did it sink or float?  

  • Discuss with a family member maybe why your boat was able to float or why it may have sunk. 

-Links for Examples of Boats:  

Boat 1 

boat 2 

boat 3 

Turn in at the end of the day via e-mail to your teacher: 

  • Journal Write 

  • p.6 in the green My First Math Book 

  • Homelinks 6.1 

  • Simple Sentence Read and Draw