Resources and Websites

Listed below are different educational resource websites for your child to use


Behavior Chart

Chore and Activity Chart


Raz Kids

Step 1: Go to  

Step 2: Enter the teacher’s username. (Tarris is ktarris, Kelley is ekelley18, O’Daniel is Modaniel3 

Step 3: Your child finds her or her username on the class chart. 

Step 4: Your child enters his or her password. (Tarris is the fish, Kelley and O’Daniel are the bunny) 

Epic Books

Tarris Code: ikh1800

O'Daniel Code: cgq9344

Kelley Code: cyr8171

Scholastic Learn At Home

PBS Learning Media

Highlights Kids


Journal Writing Paper

Sight Word Finder in Books

Story Puzzles to Write Stories

April Reading Log

- comprehension questions 



Counting by 10s

Count to 100 by 1s

Count to 100 by 1s Version 2

Count by 2s, 5s, &10s

Math Strategy Bag (counters, number lines, etc)

Birds on A Wire

Car Race Directions

Car Race Boards (p.1-3)

Subtraction Top-it


National Geographic For Kids

Brain Pop jr.

username: stbenedictprep
password: bengals 

Social Emotional

SEL at home--These will be assigned. Please do not use unless told to do so. 


Kid Workouts

Go Noodle


Brain Breaks

Brain Break Ideas

Brain Break Ideas

Brain Break Ideas

Stress Release

Doodles with Mo Willems


Packets for Sale on Tpt

Below are some more resources for purchase if you are looking for more skills to work on. Please know you do not need to purchase anything if you do not want to. 

Spring Packet for Sale 

Addition and Subtraction

Spring Packet 2

Guided Reading Passage Readers A-D

Animal Facts Guided Reading Passage Readers A-E

Guided Reading Level B, C, & D Passages

Guided Reading Passages D-I