7th Grade Homework

Homework will be stored until the grading period is over.

Spelling :

Unit 20 due tomorrow

Test Friday


Extra practice p.217--ALL


test on "Antaeus" vocab too

World Language:

Quiz on introductions and greetings

January 26


p.966 yellow box and #1-5.  In yellow box, replace "very" in each sentence with another adverb.

French quiz Thursday--study your worksheet

Francophone country due Friday

February 2

Spelling Unit 21 due/test Friday 

Chart for both "A Day's Wait" and "Stolen Day" due

TEST --Unit 4--Modifiers

Turn in parent signature regarding book reports

February 3

Art Magazine questions due Friday

Spelling and Lit same as above

Know French alphabet for tomorrow

February 4

Literature test tomorrow -- know indirect and direct characterization, what is a trait, 3 different points of view (1st, 3rd person limited, 3rd person omniscient), know how to answer using RACE
Spelling test and workbook Unit 21
Art magazine questions due

February 16

Book Reports extended to Friday 2/26
Spelling Workbook due Friday (Unit 22)
Test Monday
February 17
Spelling Due Friday

Test Monday

Book Report extended to 2/26

February 18

Do Chapter One vocabulary for Where the Red Fern Grows; read chapter one.

Have rough draft for description of an event

Spelling workbooks due Friday

February 19

Read Chapter 2 of Where the Red Fern Grows
In the packet for Ch. 1--do the prediction on some looseleaf
Spelling Test Unit 22
February 22

Read and do vocabulary for Where the Red Fern Grows--Chapter 3

Revisions for "event" due Wednesday

Spelling Unit 23 due Wednesday/ Test Friday

Book Reports due Friday--turn in early for extra credit

February 23

Finish Chapter 4 of "Red Fern"

Revisions due tomorrow

Spelling test Friday

Book reports Friday

February 24

Finish workbook pp.88-89 if not done in class

Book reports Friday

Read Ch. 5 of Red Fern

Cinquain poems due for those who did not complete one

Extra Credit due Friday

Spelling test Friday

February 25 

Extra Credit due

Cinquain poem

book reports

Spelling test Unit 23

March 1

The book projects look good--I'm sure the next one will be even better.
Book project due 3/26
Final draft of event description due Friday.  Please include all drafts with the final copy. 
Parents, if your child did not turn in a rough draft, please read his/her work and let them know what you think.  They are describing an event they witnessed or one in which they were involved. 
Spelling test Unit 25 is Friday.
Workbook page 92 tonight for homework for English
March 2
Spelling due Friday
Book Fair for PART of 3rd period
Literature:  Do Vocabulary and "Questions for Discussion"  on worksheet for Chaps. IV -VI
                                   Use RACE, nice handwriting in ink or type
                 Read all of Chapter VII  -- Be prepared for questions tomorrow
March 3
English:  ALL of p.271
Do worksheet packet for chaps 4-7; Read Chapter eight
March 4
Final Draft of event Description due (please attach all drafts; final on top)
Worksheets for Where the Red Fern Grows
Read Chapter 9
Finish 3 sides of comma worksheets do not do second side of last one
Spelling work and test tomorrow.
March 8

Quiz on French numbers 1-20   Thursday

Spelling Test and Workbooks--Friday

Novel test #1-11--Wednesday

For tomorrow :  Choose 20 vocabulary words that I gave you.  Write clues for each word for a crossword puzzle.  WRITE JUST THE CLUES--WE'LL DO THE PUZZLE IN SCHOOL

All of your work for Chapters 1-11 should be done.  I will be looking for Chapters 8-11 tomorrow.  Answer the questions on loose leaf.  Make sure it is headed and labeled correctly with Chapter numbers and question numbers.

Read Chapter 11

IMPORTANT--In English, the students had plenty of time to write a description of a sports event or other memorable event.  This was due Friday and I only received 2.  Check with your child to see if they turned it in.  You can check RVS tomorrow as I will read what I have tonight and enter the grades.  There will be a 5% point deduction for every day that the assignment is late.

March 9

Literature :  Test on vocab. and story Where the Red Fern Grows.  Chaps. 1-11

English: p.273 triangle and square

Remember Event descriptions!!!!!

March 10

Read Chapter 12 of Where the Red Fern Grows
French quiz tomorrow; numbers 1-20
Have crossword clues ready for tomorrow's class in computer lab

 March 11

Read Chapter 12 of book

Spelling test and workbooks due

Book project March 26

Continue to work on personal vocabulary list for Red Fern

March 12

Read ch.13 and do all questions on worksheet given

Book projects due March 26

March 16

Do all worksheets for Ch. 12 & 13 of Red Fern

Do only vocab for Ch. 14 (XIV)

Read Ch. 14

Entry form for Jackie Robinson due tomorrow--PARENTS PLEASE  SIGN

Have Jackie Robinson poem--rough draft--ready for Thursday (Final copy will be due Monday) If you need info about Jackie, check out Biography.com or I can give you copy of material


Spelling Due Friday

Study French numbers 21-30; memorize verb "avoir"

Read Ch. 15; Do all questions for Chaps. 14-15

March 17

Have Jackie Robinson Poem Rough Draft

In English p. 396 under "Responding"  Choose a question to  answer in complete sentences.

Bring in Poetry entry forms

Book Report due 3/29

Read Chaps. 16 &17

Do chapter questions on worksheets


Jackie Robinson Poems due Monday--if you did not send in your form I cannot submit it to the Pirates


Ongoing and upcoming


March 29 Book Project

1 day after we finish our book, your personal vocabulary list is due.  You will have 60 words with definitions and used in a sentence.

2 days after we finish our book, the plot summary (graphic organizer) is due

French quiz, #'s 31-40 Thursday

Think about your doodle for Google---remember $15,000 !

March 23 

Test on Where the Red Fern Grows most likely next week

Read Chapter nineteen; find 2 examples of personification or similie (mixed or the same--juat find 2)  write them on a sheet of paper.

Graphic Organizer should be completed


extra credit due 3-26, Friday

Book project due 3-29

personal vocabulary for Red Fern due day after we finish book

test on Where the Red Fern Grows possible this week

March 24

Finish book--vocabulary due Friday

Test on Monday

Book projects Monday

Finish questions for Chaps. 19 & 20 on separate sheet of paper

Get assignments for Chaps. 12 - 15 (complete or incomplete) signed by your parents

March 30

Spelling test and workbooks due Tuesday
Rough Drafts --opinion due Tuesday

April 19

Worksheet for pronouns

Re-test for hyphens, dashes and parantheses

Quickwrite p.563 in Literature book