8th Grade Homework

Homework will be stored until grading period is over.


Unit 21 due Wednesday

Test Friday


p.231 circle and triangle

World Language:

French greetings and introductions quiz

Francophone country due 29th

January 26

No HW due for tomorrow.  See above for later in the week

February 2

Spelling Unit 22 due/test Friday

Continue practicing for PPT presentation which will be due Monday

TEST--Unit 4-- Modifiers

February 3

Spelling (see above)

French crossword puzzle for next week--learn French alphabet

Literature :  Finish writing sentences with vocabulary words from Act I of Anne Frank

February 4

Powerpoints ready to go Monday

Weekly writing due

February 16

Book Report extended to Friday 2/26

Weekly Writing (Show don't tell)  It was a scary night.  Due Monday

PowerPoint presentations due Wednesday.

February 17

PowerPoints tomorrow

Values Worksheet

Finish reading Scene 2 of "Anne Frank"

February 19

Read Scene 3 of Act 1 of Anne Frank
Answer questions that were on the board for your "This I Believe" essay

Read Scene 3 of Act 1 of Anne Frank
Answer questions that were on the board for your "This I Believe" essay

Finish Scene 3 Act 1 of Anne Frank

Answer board questions for "This I Believe Essay"

February 22

Book Reports Friday--early = extra credit

Weekly writing --  picture an older person you have seen on the street, in your neighborhood, in church, etc.  Make up a brief biography for that person.  What were they like as young people ?  Did she/he lead an adventurous life ?

Spelling due Tomorrow--test Friday

Finish fill-in-the blank exercise for "This I believe" essay

February 23

Do all questions at end of Scene 3 of Anne Frank.  Please write neatly or type.  Answer in complete sentences.

Rough Draft for "This I Believe" due Monday

Spelling work due Wednesday/ Test Friday

Book Report due Friday

February 24

Read Scene 5 of Anne Frank

Book Report due Friday

Weekly writing due Friday

Rough draft of "This I Believe"  essay due on Monday.

Spelling test Friday

February 25

Book reports due

Weekly writing due

Rough draft for This I Believe essay due Monday

March 1

Spelling due Wednesday/Test Friday

Next Book Project due 3/26

Revise rough drafts/final copy due Friday

Current Event for Social Studies due Friday

March 3

Current Event due Friday

This I Believe due Friday

Finish comma chart for tomorrow

March 4

Answer essay question below, use RACE.  Neatly written or typed.

Mrs. Frank is a dynamic character.  Describe how she has changed. Use evidence from the play to support your answer.

English p.249-50  #8-28

This I Believe Essays due

Spelling test and work due

March 8

On page 436 in Literature answer questions 2,4,5 & 6.  It should be done on loose leaf, complete sentences, examples used where applicable.

On March 15----Your Anne Frank Response Journal project must be done. 

Friday :  Revised Weekly writing assignment due (with response from your partner) and original draft

Spelling test and workbooks due

March 9

Literature:  test on Anne Frank and vocabulary; Read pp.440-442 answer #'s 1-5 on p.442 in complete sentences.

English:  finish ghost story analysis

March 10

French family ages due next week
WWA Revision due Friday
Spelling Friday
Book Project March 26
Please return letters with your choice of high school
March 11

Anne Frank journal entries due Monday

Do first 2 columns of KWL chart; do vocabulary worksheet.  words are on p.444 of Lit. book

spelling test and workbook tomorrow


March 12

Anne Frank Journal Responses due

Book Project due March 26

Work on your ghost story, it will be due next week

 March 16
 Continue working on ghost story.  Rough draft should be ready for peer evaluation THURSDAY

Jackie Robinson Constest Form due tomorrow.

Rough Draft of poem due Friday.  If you need more info. about Jackie, check out Biography.com or I can give you material

WWA due Friday


March 17

Try to answer questions in French as best you can (about Helene's family)

Ghost Story rough draft due tomorrow

WWA due Friday

Entry form for poem

Rough Draft of poem--Friday

Spelling Friday

March 19

Spelling Test Monday

Finish "Anne Frank:  A Tragedy Revealed"

Finish the "L" part of your KWL chart

Ghost story due Tuesday

Jackie Robinson Poem due Monday--if you do not turn in your form I cannot submit it to the Pirates

March 23

French translation 

March 29

Paraphrasing activity

Found poem

March 30

Spelling test Wednesday/workbooks due Wednesday
Found poems due
Have sources ready to take notes; paraphrasing exercise