Spelling Activities

Spelling activities are due every Thursday.  Please do not do the same activities more than 3 times.

1. Type your list of words on the computer. Change each vowel to a different color. Print your list.

2. Make an acrostic with your words. Write each word up and down on your paper, one letter to a line. Find words that begin with each letter. For example: cat:  c=chocolate                             a= anaconda                              t= titanium                             

 3.  Write the words in reverse ABC order.

4. Make a word search puzzle on graph paper. Be sure to include all of your words. Give it to a friend to solve.

5. Use all your words to write a letter to Superman or another super hero.

6. Make flash cards to help you study.

7.  Design a Spelling game to play with your friends. It can be a board game, a card game, a guessing game, or some other idea. Share with the class.

9. Design a bookmark on thick paper. Write your list on the bookmark.

10.  Pair up with a friend. Give each other a practice test. Be sure to grade it!

11. Give your parents or another adult a Spelling test!

12.  Make a mobile from a coat hanger and nice paper. Include all of your Spelling words.

13.  Scramble all your words. Give them to a friend to unscramble.

14.  Write the alphabet on a piece of paper. Under A, write $1.00. Under B, write $2.00, and so on. Figure up the dollar amount of each of your Spelling words.

15.  Find another student that also made flash cards. Combine your cards to play "Go Fish."

16. Cut letters out of magazines and newspapers to spell your words.

17. Make Spelling Pyramids. Write the first letter. On the next line, write the first and second letters. On the third line, write the first, second, and third letters, and so on. Your words will look similar to this:  C    

17. Make Spelling Pyramids. Write the first letter. On the next line, write the first and second letters. On the third line, write the first, second, and third letters, and so on. Your words will look similar to this:     


CA                                                                                                                                                                                                        CA                                                                                               CAT

18. Look at your words. Arrange the letters of each word in alphabetical order. This can be tricky!

19. Write your letters in glue on heavy paper. Sprinkle Jell-o over the words. Your Spelling has never smelled so good!

20. Write a poem using your words.

21. Classify the words according to parts of speech. Record your classification in a table

22. Make up a rap or song using all of your Spelling words! Perform it for the class!

23. Make up a code. Write your words in your code. Give it to a friend to solve.

24.  Rainbow Words - Write your words in three colors

25.  Backwards Words- Write your words forwards, then backwards.

26.   Silly sentences -Use all your words in ten sentences

27.   Picture words - Draw a picture and write your words in the picture.

28.   Words without Vowels - Write your words replacing all vowels with a line.

29.   Words without Consonants - Same as above but replace consonants with lines.

30.  Story words - Write a short story using all your words.

31.   Scrambled words -Write your words, then write them again with the letters mixed up.

32.  Surround words - Write your words on graph paper and outline in colors.

33.  Ransom words - Write your words by cutting out letters in a newspaper or magazine and glue them on a paper.

34.  Words-in-words - Write your word and then write at least 2 words made from each.

35.  Reversed words - Write your words in ABC order -backwards!

36.  Create an activity - Can you think of a fun way to do your spelling activities? Try it out!

37.  X Words - Write two words having one common letter so they criss-cross.

38.  Choo-Choo Words - Write the entire list end-to-end as one long word, using different colors of crayon or ink for different words.

39.  Telephone Words - Translate your words into numbers from a telephone keypad.

40. Flashwriting - In a darkened room, use a flashlight to draw letters in the air.  Bring a note from your parent.

41. 30 Second Words - Write a TV commercial using all the words from your list.

42.  Secret Agent Words - Number the alphabet from 1 to 26, then convert your words to a number code.

 43.  Morse Code - Convert your words to Morse Code